Kayak Maro

Rutas y alquileres en kayak o tabla por los acantilados de Maro +34 658 790 483


Guided kayaking routes (accompanied by a monitor) along the cliffs of Maro.
Departing from Maro beach, in the center of the cliffs and right next to the waterfall (chorrera of Maro).

We have two types of guided kayak routes with monitors, one of 2 hours duration (NORMAL ROUTE) and another of 2.5 hours duration (ROUTE CAVE).

The route is practically the same, except that on the 2.5-hour route we take you to the cave of the sea lion (also known as the cave of the roncaores), on the 2-hour route, obviously there is no time to get to that cave .

On both routes the monitor explains the interesting things you will see on the tour, he will take photos that we will then pass you completely free of charge, he will make a stop for a swim in which, if the monitor deems it appropriate, you will snorkel (the company provides glasses) and will show you part of the cliffs that not everyone knows.

For more information, please, check prices, schedules and how to make advance reservations.

In our guided kayak routes with monitor we do not go overcrowded (6 or 7 canoes maximum), so you can enjoy and always have the attention of our monitors.

That does not mean that if you want to book for a group of 15 or more people we do not make the reservation, in that case we will add more monitors so that everything goes smoothly.


Book in advance kayak’s guided tours (with monitor) by sending a WhatsApp message to +34 658 790 483 or at Maro beach itself.



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