We start the 2019 season of kayaks on the beach of Maro

You can now make your reservations for guided tours or kayak rentals at Cala de Maro beach (next to the waterfall) by phone at +34 658 790 483 (better by WhatsApp / wasap), by email at reservas@kayaknerja.com or by Facebook messenger indicating the date, time (see below for 2019 hours), how many adults are you and if there are children under 16 and weighing less than 30 KG (if they paddle / are in a paid position they pay 50%, if they go between 2 adults DO NOT PAY).

Maro - Kayak Nerja - La cascada o Chorrera de Maro
Maro – Kayak Nerja – La cascada o Chorrera de Maro

Timetable for 2019

Our schedule in May is from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m (19:00) (On weekends we may be until later, but we do not want anyone to be cold either).

One-hour rentals can be made from 10:30 to 17:30.
For rentals of more than one hour, it is necessary to calculate that the return must be at 18:30.

In the month of May we will have 2 hours of guided routes with monitor in these schedules:
One in the morning at 11:00 and another in the afternoon at 16:00.
For each guided route there is a minimum capacity of 6 pax (adults or children under 16 years of age, if they paddle; children under 16 pay half).

For you to enjoy it more, in our routes each monitor goes with 6 kayaks.

Prices 2019

They are the same as last year 🙂

Rent without a monitor: € 10 per hour and person, children under 16 pay 50% (€ 5).

Guided routes with monitor: € 24 per person (children under 16 pay € 12).

Both rent without a monitor and guided tours with monitor, children under 16 (and weighing less than 30 KG) can go between 2 adults and in that case go FREE.

Maro – Kayak Nerja
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